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Workplace Empowerment

Level One: Self-Paced Course

3VQ self-paced ecourse participant
The 3 Vital Questions: bringing the Power of TED* to work and life

An eight-unit online self-paced course that provides participants with life-changing insights into their most important relationships – at work and in other parts of their lives. 

Start immediately! This is an affordable and easy-to-follow self-directed foundational course in TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic) and the 3 Vital Questions.

Susan is delighted to offer you the benefit of her certified trainer’s pricing:

  • Beginning from AUD$300 for one licence (a saving of $150 on the retail price).
  • Tax Deductible.
  • Group discounts will be applied for more than four licences. 

Level Two: Foundational Course Combined with Facilitated Group Discussions

Large Group Facilitations in The Empowerment Dynamic and 3 Vital Questions
The foundational 3 Vital Questions: bringing the Power of TED* to work and life combined with a program of guided facilitated discussions

Our methodology has been recognised and successfully applied across various sectors, creating lasting change and tangible results. Susan will work with you to create a program where your people complete the self-directed course and meet for facilitated group discussions focused on the topic of learning. Included are:

  • Initial Consultation to understand your needs.
  • Measurement of improvement (eg. employee engagement scores)
  • Minimal Disruption through flexible scheduling and formats.
  • Ongoing support and tools to ensure the improvements are sustainable in the long term.

The facilitated discussions are structured to include a topic for learning, emphasis on the key learning points, application and dialogue. Suitable for any size and type of organisation, anywhere! 

Level Three: A 2-Day Immersive Program to Transform Your Workplace Drama (In-Person or Virtual Facilitation)

3 Chair Exercise featuring the DDT Players
A courageous Leadership Team delivering the '3 Chair Skit featuring the DDT Players'. An exercise that shows us how exhausting being in drama really is for all players and their audience!
The 3 Vital Questions® Journey: Transforming Workplace Drama with The Power of TED*®  is an in-person or virtual Deep Dive 3VQ® Journey. The curriculum is a 2-Day Full-Agenda Workshop to transform your workplace drama with the Power of TED*.
You may choose to start here, and skip Level 1 or 2: 
  • a comprehensive program to immerse your team into the practice of TED* and 3VQ® frameworks, specifically focused on the workplace dynamics. 
  • Begin or deepen a long-term sustainable organisation-wide foundation and language for working with others in a trusting, empowered, and innovative way with the 3VQ Seven Commitments for Collaboration®. 
  • Increase your capacity to lead change—personally and professionally. 
  • Identify your reactive drama roles and learn to shift to more empowering and effective leadership methods. 
  • Create a plan to apply what you learn about 3VQ® and TED*.

Each Participant receives an interactive online Guidebook. Learning aids and conversation starter cards may also be purchased as take-aways.

This two-day deep dive is often the next step beyond the self-directed or facilitated 3VQ® course. It is suitable for annual or twice-yearly delivery and allows you to continue learning and integrating the work into your organisation and people’s lives. 

We could bring David Emerald, the author and creator of TED* to you and your people?

Watch this 3.36 minute YouTube video where author David Emerald tells how the self-leadership frameworks in his bestselling The Power of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic), evolved into his new book for organisational leaders: The 3 Vital Questions: Transforming Workplace Drama.

A Keynote delivered by David Emerald virtually from Bainbridge Island, Washington
Your team will know you are committed to creating a new path forward when you give them access to David Emerald at any stage of diving into The Empowerment Dynamic and the 3 Vital Questions.

One school principal Susan worked with did it this way:

  • We ordered direct from Amazon (with free shipping) 50 x paperback copies of David’s book, The Power of TED*, for her entire staff to read during their summer holidays – should they choose to.
  • On the first day of the school term, David Emerald delivered a keynote presentation (60 minutes), and we incorporated an engaging, short facilitated workshop, setting them up for what was to come.
  • From there, Susan co-created a rhythm of facilitated 90-minute ecourse discussions, guided by the principal and vice principal to ensure minimal disruption.
  • A small team whom Susan called “the TED* champions” – 10 people, leaders and others keen to support the Principal’s vision to bring TED* to people’s lives and their workplace attended the first round of six facilitated discussions with Susan.
  • Next, those TED* champions joined Susan for a round of facilitated course discussions on Zoom with the entire staff of 50 people across five classrooms.
  • Susan facilitated and set the TED* champions up for success with breakout prompts, timing, and tips for modelling TED* within small group conversations. 
  • All desired outcomes and key takeaways were transcribed by Susan and supplied back to the leadership team – offering many more opportunities to continue the learning based on their people’s feedback.
  • The principal and vice principal are now looking to become 3VQ facilitators, like Susan, to deliver this work throughout the broader school community.

There are so many possibilities! That’s the Creator Mindset for you.

Long-Term Sustained Change

Empowered Communication in the workplace

The 3VQ and TED* Master Mind Alliance is designed for sustained learning. Together we will establish a rhythm of rich, inclusive, psychologically-safe facilitated dialogues to model your commitment towards transforming your organisation long-term. 

Based on the principles of the 3 Vital Questions and TED* frameworks, the 3VQ and TED* Master Mind Alliance will connect leaders with team members from different areas, levels and geographic locations, within your organisation.

  • Master Mind sessions are virtual, facilitated, and peer-led, scheduled on a regular basis.
  • Participants discuss challenges, deepen their learning of 3VQ and TED* through themed conversations, practice listening skills, brainstorm ideas, develop support, and network.
  • Allow a minimum of 30 minutes to pause, connect and model your leadership and people’s commitment to understanding how you each think, interact, and take action. 
TED* and 3 Vital Questions Case Studies

Four case studies of success stories from leaders who saw a challenge and the answer to each of their challenges is TED* and the 3 Vital Questions. These leaders embraced TED*, bringing it into their organisational leadership and team culture, some for more than ten years with the co-founders of The Center for The Empowerment Dynamic as their guides. These case studies address return on investment, the positive impact on employee engagement and other organisational outcomes. Susan was the founder and CEO of a healthcare organisation and found these case studies made sense to her; seeing how these people’s problems and outcomes were addressed using the curriculum she now delivers. These four case studies inspired Susan, knowing she was on the right path, in bringing this work to leaders and people in organisations throughout Australasia and the Asia Pacific. Enjoy!

The Cleveland Clinic:

The Challenge:
– Employee engagement


The Challenge:
– Find Company Purpose through Purposeful Leadership

Studio Movie Grill:

The Challenge:
– Build a Culture of Long-Term Shared Purpose

Scott Richardson, co-founder EMPOWER2Evolve:

The Challenge:
– To step into bigger service and leadership

ted-3vq-books-wood David Emerald author
David Emerald Womeldorff, author of best-selling The Power of TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic) and the 3 Vital Questions: Transforming Workplace Drama


David Emerald Wommeldorf, co-founder of the Center for The Empowerment Dynamic, lives on Bainbridge Island, in Washington DC and authored two bestselling leadership books, The Power of TED* and The 3 Vital Questions: Transforming Workplace Drama. David has worked in significant leadership roles and as an external consultant with numerous organisations, including First Bank, the Cleveland Clinic, the Children’s Hospital in Colorado, the City of Seattle, and Stanford Children’s Hospital. He is associated with the University of Notre Dame Stayer Center for Executive Education, and his TED* and 3 Vital Questions frameworks are part of the curriculum of that Center and other universities across the USA. In David’s 30 years of experience, both as a leader and as a consultant coach, he saw firsthand that drama can sap the energy, productivity, teamwork and fulfilment at work and how that drama can be carried home into our personal lives. That’s why he created the programs that Susan delivers as Australia’s first certified facilitator in the Center for the Empowerment Dynamic’s programs.

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