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To create a ripple effect of positive change, building a community where every voice is heard, and every person is empowered to lead, work and live authentically. With our unique blend of experience, expertise, compassion, and advocacy, we consciously drive meaningful change and transformation in the workplaces and lives of our clients and their teams, our employees and our communities. We are leaders, believers and creators, shaping a world where empowerment is accessible to all.

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Susan Dunlop, Transformational Leader and Survivor Advocate

With a distinguished history of leadership and transformation, Susan Dunlop is an accomplished coach, a certified 3 Vital Questions facilitator, and the former founder and CEO of a small home-based nursing agency that grew exponentially to serve Australia’s healthcare and aged care sector. 

During her first entrepreneurial journey, Susan encountered her most formidable challenge: mastering the ‘people aspect’ of business. 

As she thrived in a niche market, she found herself stretched thin and exhausted, realising the need to expand her team. However, the transition felt like relinquishing control of the steering wheel and managing the chaos in the back seat. Balancing client focus with internal team setup proved to be an unexpected and daunting task for Susan. Through this experience, she gained invaluable insights into the complexities of managing staff conflicts and workplace dynamics, empathising with the challenges faced by business leaders and managers striving to excel in the people aspect of their roles.

It’s a well-documented fact that leaders and managers spend up to 40 percent of their time dealing with workplace disputes and drama.

Inspired by her personal experiences, Susan is on a mission to empower leaders and their people to make the shift from reactive leadership to creative leadership at work and in their personal lives. 

Beyond her work in workplace empowerment, Susan is a passionate advocate for survivors of incest – the universal yet hidden and often unspoken taboo. 

Her lived experience, resilience, and healing journey drive her commitment to providing support and a voice to those who have suffered in silence.

Susan Dunlop is a leader and trusted partner in steering your organisation towards a drama-free, more productive, and cohesive workplace while also championing the cause of survivor empowerment.

Her unique blend of professional expertise, authenticity and inclusiveness, and lived experience as a survivor advocate, creates a powerful force for positive change, modelling how to foster empathy and compassion and promote conscious communication, shaping a future where every individual feels heard, valued, and empowered to be the creator they were born to be.

Success Stories!

The Jockey Club Sarah Roe School, Kowloon, Hong Kong 2022-2023

The school principal, vice principal, and Susan co-created a virtual program during C-19 times. Embracing the technological challenge, we engaged five classrooms of school staff in the 3 Vital Questions: bringing the Power of TED* to work and life facilitated program. We began with 10 leadership team members completing the course first; then, the leadership team co-facilitated the program with Susan, engaging the 40 other staff in breakouts to deepen their learning together.

The feedback from JCSRS is that there is less disruption with dramatic issues, and people are interested in communicating with an empowered common language. The team has become more compassionate, and the organisation has become more connected and resilient. 

Jockey Club Sarah Roe School testimony Susan Dunlop

Susan's Experience, Licences and Certifications


  • Founder and Leader of Susan Dunlop: Lead Believe Create  2017 to current
  • Co-Creator of #sueandtomtakeagapyear 2016-2017
  • QLD Manager – Health at NSW Business Chamber 2014-2016
  • Founder and CEO of RNS Nursing 2000-2014
  • Non-Executive Director at Sunshine Coast Economic Development Advisory Board 2009-2011
  • Manager Administration at Solomon Garland Partners Lawyers 1984-1999

Licences and Certifications

  • Center for The Empowerment Dynamic, 3VQ Certified Facilitator 2021 to current
  • Center for The Empowerment Dynamic, Transforming Drama to Designing Dreams Personal Coach 2021
  • American Board of Hypnotherapy, Certified Hypnotherapist 2020
  • Life Coaching Academy, Professional Coach ICF, NLP, 2017-2019
  • International Coaching Federation, member, 2018 to current
  • Australian Institute of Company Directors, GAICD company director’s course, 2007

Susan resides in Noosa, situated on the Sunshine Coast of South-East Queensland, Australia, alongside her husband. She cherishes quality time spent with her adult daughters and their loved ones. Susan is an early riser, often one of the first to greet the ocean at dawn year-round, and she enjoys leisurely coffee chats on the boardwalk. Beyond her work, Susan finds joy in creating mosaic art with close friends, indulging in daily dancing sessions to invigorate her spirits before the workday commences, and relishing in the tunes of great music by the fire on Friday evenings. Among her aspirations, Susan’s bucket list includes extensive Australia-wide and international travel to explore more wonders of the world, reconnecting with friends and fellow peer trainers she’s stayed in touch with along her journey.

Susan’s coaching program stimulated profound, purposeful and rapid change for me. Her approach is multi-faceted: combining deep coaching, Q&A, introspection and creativity, and Susan continually adapted it to my specific circumstances and needs. Grounded in a deep exploration of values, gifts, purpose and dreams, Susan’s coaching has provided me with clarity and has set me on a path of intentional, expansive and directional growth. I began the program with low self-confidence and much doubt after some major life challenges; and on completion feel content, confident and driven to live my passions, goals and life in my own unique way. Thank-you Susan for taking so much time and care with my coaching. I have grown so much.

Jen Hamley

I am fortunate enough to have been mentored by Susan for many years. In the time that we have known each other she has made an invaluable contribution to my life. Susan has an innate understanding of people which proves to motivate confidence, change and resilience. I can’t think of a better person to partner with to achieve your personal and professional goals. Susan walks the talk. She lives a full and authentic life. Her passion and vulnerability are her greatest strengths and will be such a beacon for her many clients.

Bernadette Haigh Founder, Nature Kids, Sydney

I had the absolute pleasure to be led by Susan in my time at the (NSW Business) Chamber. Susan taught me a lot about the business & myself! Susan is a true mentor/leader & one of the smartest business women I know. An honour to have worked with her.

Nicola Collins Gold Coast

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