Business Coaching that is focused on supporting you as you step up in your business to the next level.

If you’ve been a solo business operator and your business is growing, how do you take care of keeping your clients happy whilst doing all of the small important things necessary for a growing business? Get yourself a coach!

I will either roll up my sleeves and get in there with you; or I can guide you in all that you need to have the office fully operational, whilst you keep delivering on what you have been successful in so far!

Business Coaching that results in mastery of your business in 7 key areas, being:

  • Establishing an Effective Business Map
  • Quality Improvement and Strategic Innovation
  • Effective Marketing Planning
  • Measurements, Accountability and Celebration
  • Financial and Legal Compliance and Analysis
  • Optimisation of Systems and Procedures
  • Creating Your Unique Following of Raving Fans of your Clients and your People

Coaching for you as the business owner OR for you and all of your team

(1) Business Coaching Package for the Business Owner of a start-up or growing, small to medium-sized business

Lead Your Business Effectively, Efficiently and Profitably to Thrive – Coaching and Mentoring Package.

  • 12-week structured agenda of business coaching, mentoring and resources supplied.
  • 80% focus on business and 20% focus on personal life, as both of these entwine.
  • A perfect place to start if you’ve not yet had a business coach to work with.
Business Coaching Package
Prices shown are current for today.
If you are seeking both smart business coaching and personal life coaching; or smart business coaching and facilitation of a Strategic Retreat in Noosa, please just ask during our discovery call, and I will arrange a quote.

(2) Whole Team Coaching: Monthly one-to-one personal and professional coaching packages for the business leader and everyone on your business’ team.

Online one-to-one personal and professional coaching by professionally trained, certified life coaches and members of the International Coaching Federation.
  • Change how you operate as a leader in both your professional and personal life.
  • Change how your team works, for the better, not just in business but in creating and living their best work life.

If you’re truly wanting to take serious action, to step up, as a leader and take your team up that step with you, this is a wise investment in giving each one of you a thought- and belief-partner, in the form of one-to-one personal and professional coaching, for everyone in your company.

Coaching with me is personalised to suit every individual I coach. Personal life coaching or smart business coaching alone or both. Make up your program with me in whatever mix suits your needs.

Coaching with me is:

  • non-judgmental, confidential and forward-focused.
  • in alignment with the code of ethics and standards of the International Coaching Federation.
  • for people who know that having an accountability partner will make all the difference between settling for WHAT IS and BECOMING THE HERO OF YOUR OWN LIFE!