Would you rather do business the smart way or do business the hard way?

I learnt on my own uphill journey into owning a business, which I started at the dining room table in Noosa, that I could do it the hard way, or do it smarter, and get where I wanted to sooner.

The problem was, how could I find time to put all that I needed to in place for the business when I was flat-stick busy working on getting a foothold in the industry, let alone becoming sustainable, successful and feel fulfilled at the same time!

I turned to experts! I don’t just mean marketing consultants and the like; what I really benefited from the most was hiring myself a coach.

Not just a business coach either. I intuitively knew that I needed a coach who was experienced and skilled in both business coaching and personal life coaching. Because to me, when I owned that business I was more than one title, one role, I had to show up in many roles.

I envisage being a business owner as riding along an uphill path, on a two-wheeled bike.

One wheel of that bike is my personal life and the other wheel is my professional business wheel. In the ideal world, both wheels need to be spinning, in alignment, and synchronised well together, or one will surely let the other one down. That, or cause a crash in the form of health or relationship issues, stress, burnout, or an unwanted surprise in your business. No business owner wants that!

Our personal life can get impacted by what’s occurring in our business; and how we operate our business can get impacted by what is playing out in our personal life, plus so much more.

Having my own coach by my side through some of the biggest years of growth and challenges my business ever went through was a godsend!

When I sold that business, through acquisition, I took a leap of faith, a year of travel and formalised my vast experience with professional training and certification. A businesswoman supporting other people, in my role as both a personal life coach and professional trainer in business, bringing to the table 17 years’ experience of business leadership, certifications, investment in personal and professional growth, life experience and doing that from my office here in Noosa.

The Professional Training I offer is in the form of packages for the business leader and also in tiers of packages for your team members. Ideal, if you are wanting your team members to be stepping up to the plate, at the same time as you, in delivering on your vision for your business.

Coming Soon: I’m excited that by the end of September 2021 I will be formally authorised as a certified trainer in some of the most powerful work I’ve come across. It’s something that sparked my interest 15 years ago. This work is the antidote to Dr Stephen Karpman’s dreaded drama triangle roles of victim, persecutor and rescuer. This training can be applied in both life and business. Stay tuned!

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In addition to the Business Coaching and Professional Training, I offer 2 services for Smart Business Owners. They may be booked as Add-On Services to the business coaching OR booked separately.

Both of these services help my clients close the gap faster from where they are now in their business, to where they want to take their business this year, in the next 3 years or beyond. That lets them catch their breath, start to see the forest for the trees, and shape their business structure, with the right resources, proactively rather than reactively.

Strategically Retreating in Noosa

All great businesses hold a strategic retreat, or what’s also known as a business planning meeting, once every year. Once, to reflect on how the business performed in the previous 12 month period; and agree the course of action for the business in relation to where it is in its 3 or 5 year plan.

If you don’t have a strategic plan, setting a One Page Strategic Plan as a starting point, is an incredibly powerful step up for your growing business. Once set, come back for quarterly strategic retreats, creating a framework of transparency, innovation, creativity inclusiveness and accountability. The idea of constant and never-ending improvement (CANI) can be fun, when done here in iconic Noosa! Then breathe out… before getting back to making your company’s vision become a reality.

My Noosa Office

A tax-deductible business meeting here in Noosa. Everyone says they love that they can come and meet with My Noosa Office. Schedule a pre-paid time, set an agenda and brainstorm. Then head off to the surf, a massage or the many other outdoors and fine dining experiences here in Noosa.

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I look forward to being of service to you,

Susan Dunlop