When we feel fulfilled we have enough time and energy for anything needed

Do you question sometimes whether life could be better than this, that you could feel more fulfilled?

Well, the good news is that you’re not alone. Some weeks in coaching come together with a sense of wonder to me. Weeks like last week, when each of the clients I’m coaching seemed to align with their desires and important life questions.

What came up, in unique and different ways, whilst along a similar theme, last week was:

“how can I have more energy, find more time to do what I need to do, to be more successful, more happy, have more love and feel fulfilled?”

Fulfilled? I love that word! That got me thinking.

So I dug out this transcript for each of them to read as ContemplationWork between sessions. Maybe you have found yourself guided to come across a lesson, that you may be needing, right now, at just the right time. I remember finding this a valuable meditation lesson back in 2018 (I’ve got a good memory haven’t I?) It’s a lesson given by Deepak Chopra, in day 3 of his Energise Your Life: Secrets for a Youthful Spirit meditation experience that I have on CD (how old school of me!)

Deepak teaches:

When you’re feeling young there is enough time and energy for everything you want to do.

There is always enough time and energy to accomplish what is most important, finding fulfilment. The rest is incidental. All the demands and needs we feel pressured to meet. You’re never tired of life when you feel fulfilled in the present moment. You will always be too tired if your quality of life isn’t satisfying. 

When a tree waits for the sun to rise or a deer searches for food the energy they seek comes from the outside. Human beings have a second world, the inner world, which needs energy no external source can provide. 

We only thrive when our lives have meaning, love, purpose, achievement, self-esteem, positive core beliefs and trust in a power higher than ourselves. When any of those things are diminished we exist with inner hunger and longing. When they are totally deprived we starve inside. This is why so many people seem together and successful from the outside but struggle with internal chaos, discontent and lack of purpose. 

The word that covers the whole menu of needs is FULFILMENT. 

A fulfilled person knows without a doubt that his or her life has meaning. They wake up knowing that each day has a purpose. They feel loved and able to return love. Their core believes are optimistic and life enhancing. 

We call these qualities the anatomy of fulfilment. 

The body-mind is functioning perfectly when fulfilment is being sustained, just as cells and organs must be sustained. Many of us feel challenged to be completely fulfilled. We might love our work but be dissatisfied in finding the right relationship; we might have a good sense of family but not yet find our purpose and goal in life. 

Sometimes this imbalance is natural. Not everything can be accomplished at once.

Life’s challenges provides us opportunities to grow in strength and self-awareness. The unknown exists to unfold a new dimension of creative possibilities. 

Yet in a holistic view of life, reaching fulfilment isn’t achieved by crossing off items on a list. Nor by trying to make everything perfect. 

In the Indian tradition there is a valuable word, “Shakti”, which refers to life energy that can express itself as physical energy, emotional energy, healing, intellectual energy, creative energy and transformative energy. Shakti is pure consciousness taking infinite forms. 

You are not a single form through which energy flows, as you think, speak, feel and act, you are infinite potential.

In every moment you have available within your unlimited awareness the exact type and amount of energy required for what is needed at that time. Perhaps you are a physically tired dad at the end of the day, but you have the motivational capacity to compassionately help your partner process a difficult day. Instead of feeling bad about yourself, that you’re too exhausted to finish a home repair or go to the gym you listen to your inner self and find the stream of energy that is coming through you, and use it.

You are pure consciousness unfolding in many dimensions at once. 

Which is why life is so diverse and fascinating. You need energy for each dimension in your life. The flow of Shakti supports your feelings and emotions in their dimension. Your job and focused attention in their dimension. Your love and relationships in their dimension and more. 

The beauty of Shakti is that all of these dimensions are harmonised. 

This is the ultimate reason you are alive. You exist not just as organised energy, which is true of every animal and plant, you are meaningful energy, constantly flowing toward fulfilment. 

When you have this vision of yourself, what happens? 

You have a new perspective.  You realise that life is fulfilment.

Anything less is limiting to you as a human being. 

Therefore you do not accept obstacles, resistance, inertia, frustration and stress as normal things you must adapt to. They are signs and indications that you are accepting limitation as natural. But from the viewpoint of your fulfilment that’s not true. You are here to be fulfilled, first and foremost.

In daily meditation you contact the field of pure consciousness which is the ground state of total fulfilment.

When we feel fulfilled we have enough energy for anything needed.”

Following this lesson, in coaching sessions yesterday and today, we explored each client’s perspective of how much meaning their life has right at this minute; how much love and purpose; their sense of achievement, current level of self-esteem; and their core beliefs – positive or negative; and what were their thoughts about trusting in a power higher than themselves.

The key takeaway was that, as Deepak shared in the lesson, when any of these things are diminished we find ourselves existing with inner hunger and longing. When they are totally deprived we starve inside. 

Lessons in coaching that let us draw a new starting line in the sand today.

If your desire is to live a more meaningful life, please join me in coaching:

  • You will connect with what’s most important to you.
  • You will identify your core values, your gifts and your life purpose.
  • You will stretch your imagination around what you might think is possible.
  • You will start to see yourself as the magical creator that you are.

Is it time for you to create space for what’s most important for you, to live a more meaningful, and more fulfilled life?

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