The 3 words “it is time” arise when only we know that we ourselves are ready to take the next leap forwards; to be a catalyst of change.

Those 3 words appeared, in the coming together of 3 very important projects I’ve been working on these past 5 years. In 2016 I exited my company ‘stage-right’ for me via a most successful and fulfilling acquisition by national competitors to start a new chapter of my personal and professional life.

One of those 3 projects has been to evolve my coaching practice to a new purpose-fuelled level that delivers desired outcomes my clients want the most.

Work that will have a positive, and profound impact on my client’s life, both personally and professionally!

Evolution simply means growth and progress.

Whereas, higher evolution, is a new dimension of growth, something deeply personal that society doesn’t provide. It is evolution without limits.

For me, these past few years have been a constant unwrapping of the layers of me, that has led to more truth, beauty, meaning and creativity in life and the services I deliver.

Evolution that draws on every part of my own life and business experience; and the many years of being a CEO of a small-to-large healthcare company. I’m a woman with a continuous desire to learn and to serve; a sense of what playing small looks like and what making big things happen feels like; and with a deep understanding of what people truly need and what they will benefit from the most.

I also am a woman who knows when to put her hand up and ask for help!

In October this year I reached out to reconnect with my marketing guru of many years, Joan Molloy, of dtb Marketing in Mooloolaba. We both agreed it is time. Joan and her team now have an understanding of the 3 projects, or what Joan has coined the 3 buckets of SD. They are in the process of shaping out a new website for me and I can’t wait to see it!

Stay Tuned!

I’m so excited, in this stage of transition, from a website I created myself, up to a beautiful better platform that will showcase my long-held vision of doing what’s of most value and important for me, those I love, those I work with and for the greater good.

I’ll keep you updated via this blog.

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