Susan Dunlop


Often we feel we’re lacking something. We seek to fill the emptiness by reacting without thought or consideration. So we eat, we add to cart, we spend, we drink, we indulge, we over-work. The truth is, that’s just being human, everybody goes through it.

If we seek to understand what we lack, instead of reacting to those feelings of lack, we can begin to fill ourselves with real comfort and strength.

What is it you’re REALLY craving?

When we shift without judgment from mindlessness to being more mindful, we can absolutely fill ourselves up. We need nothing more than to connect with what we already have inside us. That is the key that we are all searching for.

That is what will turn being weighted and heavy and burdened into weightlessness. Our goal is to get ourselves full from within, and not look for anything external.

Improvement is possible only through our capacity to reflect with honesty.

Fulfilment holds the key to what you are really craving.

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I would love to hear your thoughts or experience. What do you crave? What is it you’re really seeking?