Fulfillment holds the key to what you are really craving

Often we feel we’re lacking something. We seek to fill the emptiness by reacting without thought or consideration. So we eat, we add to cart, we spend, we drink, we indulge, we over-work. The truth is, that’s just being human, everybody goes through it.

If we seek to understand what we lack, instead of reacting to those feelings of lack, we can begin to fill ourselves with real comfort and strength.

What is it you’re REALLY craving?

When we shift without judgment from mindlessness to being more mindful, we can absolutely fill ourselves up. We need nothing more than to connect with what we already have inside us. That is the key that we are all searching for.

That is what will turn being weighted and heavy and burdened into weightlessness. Our goal is to get ourselves full from within, and not look for anything external.

Sharing with you a lesson by my favourite guru, Deepak Chopra, that Fulfillment Holds the Key that will set you free.

Deepak teaches: Fulfillment is the feeling that you’re no longer needy, in a state of lack. Fulfillment means that you will feel complete and content as you are in this moment. Which is what you truly are.

When we feel incomplete or lacking in some way we are no longer centred in our real self. This inner feeling of lack is where cravings come from.

Instead of fighting against a craving habit, that will always fights back, ask yourself “what am I hungry for right now?” Then seek to satisfy that hunger directly.

Let’s say, that you’re up late one evening, and despite eating dinner, you find yourself going to the fridge or cupboard looking for a snack.

The next time you’re in this situation, try a simple exercise:

Stop for a minute. Notice your presence of awareness within, and ask “what is really going on? What does my awareness really lack? What am I truly hungry for right now?

The answer is that your true self lacks nothing, but your separate self is emotionally unsatisfied. You are bored and hungry for stimulation, or you are lonely and want a warm feeling that a favourite taste brings. Whatever the lack you are feeling, be aware that it is not coming from your real self. Then go ahead and have your snack if you like.

As part of this shift, don’t judge yourself for the things you feel you lack. Denial and distraction are easy to find in a world filled with electronic diversions, such as TV and smartphones.

It doesn’t matter if you shouldn’t believe you are lacking something just because other parts of our life are going well. Many married people are happy with their spouses but still want more intimacy. A mother with 3 children can still feel lonely.

Our hunger and desire is undeniable. It’s what makes us human.

Your goal is to balance your true needs and wants, separating them from temporary false and self-limiting hunger that never gets filled.

The rule here is that only consciously being your true self can heal emotions. Don’t look for more of anything external. A bigger house, more status, a better job. They do not have the sustained power of knowing the genuine inner fulfillment that is within us already.

As an example, keep in mind the satisfaction you feel after a deep peaceful meditation. That’s the feeling you can give yourself any time you want. Then you can look forward to being in a deeper and deeper state of fulfillment as time unfolds.

In fulfillment you will lack for nothing – Deepak Chopra, Shedding the Weight – Mind, Body and Spirit.

Fulfillment holds the key to what you are really craving.

I would love to hear your thoughts or experience. What do you crave? What is it you’re really seeking? If you have take the opportunity to practice Deepak’s recommendation, let me know if you notice the shift in awareness.

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