7 Easy Ways to Re-energise and Re-focus at Work – in 30 Minutes or Less!

Sometimes we need to re-focus and re-energise ourselves, not just in our personal life, but in our work-life too, where many of us spend most of our waking hours.

You’d be surprised how small a change can be, and it still makes a big difference. Small changes are really good for us, because they’re different enough to give us a little excitement, and yet are completely safe!

You may be tempted to go for a full Spring make-over of your office and get everyone on board OR you can Keep It Sensationally Simple (KISS) and do this just for you first.

So, what will you do to create a shift, re-energise and re-focus?

Here are 7 easy ways to help you:
No. 1: Refocus and Set Goals for the rest of 2021: 

Take 30 minutes to think about what would you LOVE to get done by the end of this year. Answer the 5 questions below, maybe in your journal, to help you:

  1. What am I tired of and need to shift?
  2. What would make a HUGE difference to me?
  3. What ONE thing would I be disappointed or regret I did not get done before Christmas?
  4. What are my absolute Top 3 Business Priorities for the rest of the year?
  5. What can I do THIS week to move closer to my goals?
No. 2: Change ONE Self-Sabotaging Habit: 

Take a few moments to consider where you sabotage yourself on a daily basis.

For example, when my inbox was in the era of receiving 700 emails a week, I’d check email first thing. Then I’d usually find it’s 10.30am or 11am before I blink and I haven’t even looked at my “To Do” list. So, one positive habit I developed was NOT to check email first thing, to set an alarm and check email at 11.00am, after the morning ‘projects’ to make big good things happen, staff meetings, but before lunch.

So, answer the 3 questions below, again, in your journal, because we know pen to paper is really powerful:

  1. Where do YOU sabotage yourself?
  2. What will you say “No” to?
  3. What could you do differently?
No. 3: Shift Your Senses: 

What could you change in your office, routine, your appearance/what you wear/your hair, what you eat, drink – in fact any part of your day to change things up? 

Consider each of your 5 senses and make sure that each sense has something new going on: 

  1. Sight
  2. Hearing
  3. Smell
  4. Taste; and
  5. Touch!
No. 4: Renew the Daily Routine: 

Consider your daily routine and shift things around a little (or a lot).

Try a new tea, brand of coffee, get yourself a new ‘special’ mug to drink out of. Buy a new fresh hand cream. Shower at a different time of day. Add meditation or exercise to your day. Go for a run first thing.

Do things differently! To help you, answer these 3 powerful questions:

  1. What can I STOP doing?
  2. What can I CHANGE up, or change the order of WHEN I do it?
  3. What NEW routine or ritual can I START?
No. 5: Refresh and Energise Your Workspace: 

Give your work-life a boost by finding and putting up some NEW inspirational images or quotes around your desk. Also, take a moment to see if everything you use regularly is easily accessible and within reach. Get yourself some flowers for your office.

Mix things up a little, move things around to make your life easier and send a signal to your brain that things are different around here!

No. 6: Get Your Desk Organised: 

Take 30 minutes to make sure your office and desk is clear of clutter, the filing is done. Take down any outdated memos, ignored motivational quotes, remove dead plants.

Sort through the piles of paper or files, dust and clean your desk. Organise your books, throw out pens that don’t work, put back excess stationery into the stationery cabinet.

Hey presto – you’ll feel refreshed – and ready for action!

No. 7: Take a Deep Breath at the Start of Your Day: 

Did you know you can energise yourself simply through breathing? I started a practice of this in India (it’s called Pranayama if you’re interested in breath-work as a new ritual).

Try breathing into your belly for a count of 6, holding for 2, then breathing out for 4. Repeat this for as little as 2 minutes.

Because you are breathing in more and breathing out less, you are oxygenating your blood – and energising yourself!

Daily Rituals of Living are incredibly important. In the Weekly journalling and scheduling I give to my clients (a PDF template) we capture the small things that make re-energising and re-focusing a priority each week.

Contact me if you’d like to explore coaching and having that one-to-one support of a thought and belief-partner in what you’re wanting to be, do and have in life.

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