Vision Board Creation

Vision Board creation gets you thinking and dreaming of what you really would like your life to look like.

July 2021 is perfect timing to do this peaceful, inspiring and intuitive exercise.

Either do it alone, with a friend, partner or child OR you can do it in coaching.

In a relaxed, contemplative session, I explore 9 questions with you that first connect you to your true desires and purpose, then leave you to flick pages of some favourite magazines.

Without overthinking, vision boards come together with words and images (glue and scissors) you find that depict your vision.

Here’s one created on a background of gold cardboard, it was created in the 4 Week ELEVATE coaching program. You just need the few simple tools and your vision can be captured however you like – either simple, on a sheet of paper or many images and words that capture your heart and mind, all collaged on cardboard or a cork board to hang where you’ll see it often.

Noticing this year’s vision boards have remained scaled down on overseas travel dreams.

I can’t believe that travel is not a thing still, a year and a half on. I’m so grateful we do have incredible local adventures to wander off on and enjoy.

Watch out for my ELEVATE personal coaching program I’m launching ready for Spring 2021 – vision board creation and dream boards are included in that 4 week program. If you’d like to be kept notified of when the registrations open for the ELEVATE program, please simply fill out this form below and make a comment that that’s what you’d like. I will keep you posted.

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