Susan Dunlop

What Super Power Would YOU Draw On Today?

You may have heard the words “all we need is within us now”? In coach language, that, to me, refers to your core values, your gifts, and your life purpose. If we were speaking in a super-hero language, quite simply, what’s within you already are your superpowers!

We can change the world if we change ourselves. We just need to get a hold of our old patterns of thinking and dealing with things and start listening to our inner voice and trusting our own superpowers.

Nina Hagen
Having a superpower has nothing to do with the ability to fly or jump or become invisible, nor having superhuman strength.

The truest superpowers are the ones we all possess: creativity, optimism, integrity, and most importantly, courage.

When we’re in a state of flux, feeling out of sorts, overwhelmed or just plain procrastinating about what to do next, there’s a chance we are going to make our next move, in reaction to the anxiety we’re not enjoying feeling inside of us.

So I will not be going to suggest you go straight ahead and choose a Super Power to draw on.

Before that, the best thing I’ve found to do first is to Take a 3 Breath Break©.

The 3 Breath Break tool is similar to the wise saying:

When we get upset, count to ten before we react.

This “break” helps to regulate our body’s reactive mechanism so we can naturally calm down.

By pausing and breathing deeply we feel more relaxed. That in turn, allows us to have a more empowering response to life’s challenges.

3 Breath Break
© The Center for The Empowerment Dynamic

Give it a try. Sitting upright in your seat, or standing where you are, let your arms and hands rest down by your sides or in your lap. Take a big life-giving breath in, paying attention to the sensation of the breath, and then a long breath all the way out. Now do that again two more times.

To follow on from that, it’s time to smile.

Smile! Yes, the benefit of a smile cannot be underestimated. Feel it in your lips and in the muscles of your cheeks. Even let it travel up into your eyes whilst you take in one more lovely deep breath and let it out.

Ah, that’s better!

So, we were talking Super Powers weren’t we.

You can follow this link to a little Quiz I ask my coaching clients. When we do this light practice I usually ask them to sit quietly. Then, I run through the list of super powers (that is, their values and gifts). Once I’ve read the full list, they choose just one they intuitively know they need to draw on right now.

You are welcome to take yourself through the Quiz here. Go check it out inside my Personal Coaching Dashboard:

Enjoy your day!