Episode 37 – Everything has a cycle: Nuray Ozden, on openness to change and speech pathology with a holistic focus

Episode 37’s guest on the Coffee and Contemplation with Susan’s podcast show is Nuray Ozden, a woman in her 40s; 4-years new to the sunny Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

Nuray knew she was going to be a health care professional when she was 3-4 years old, telling her aunty: ‘one day I will fix your voice’.

Before leaving high school, Nuray was clear about her career path to become a Speech Pathologist.

Now, as a Speech Pathologist of some 25 years’ experience, her private speech pathology practice focuses on the whole person. That came about naturally to Nuray, having chosen a non-pharmaceutical path to heal her own body from within, from fibromyalgia, whilst still at university in her early 20s. 

Nuray’s name can be translated to “a new ray of light” which she portrays in every day life.

Nuray shares how she picked herself and her heart back up, over a long 10-year journey of grief, having suffered devastating loss, as a young mum in her early 30s. Nuray saw, from within that dark space, the weak foundations of her marriage; and with courage and determination went about all that was required to leave what didn’t serve her behind. With new-found excitement, Nuray took her 2 children, to find what was next for them, something new, something better, someplace different.

It was what Nuray referred to as: “jumping off the cliff and landing with trust that it just had to work, and there was no doubt she would make it work.”

A shift of thousands of miles from her established life and career in Melbourne. A 20-hour drive with just 3 suitcases, her 2 children and herself, packed up in her car, to find a new soft spot to land in sub-tropical Queensland.

Here, Nuray has started over, bringing her speech pathology patients, her unique holistic approach.

Nuray shared that “we all know when it’s time for change and we know when something is completed. Really trust and follow your heart, because your heart will never lead you astray.” 

Content: If this episode touching upon Nuray’s stillbirth affects you, I have sourced details of the Pink Elephants and SANDS support organisations and their chatlines (see below).


Pink Elephants


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