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Connect and Create Space for What’s Most Important to YOU

I’ve journaled responses to these nine questions each new year for the past six years, in my wish to connect and create space for what’s most important to me.

As we’re about to turn the corner of a new financial year at the end of June, I’ve had some new clients choose 1 July as their ‘new year’ start point for new projects.

If you got a little out of kilter in trying to find or maintain some space for what’s most important to you in 2022, I’m sharing them with you for a quick, yet thoughtful, weekend journalling practice

A few hot tips:
  1. Answer the questions honestly.
    1. As if no one else will ever see your answers.
    2. As if no one else’s opinion matters.
    3. As if your parents would be thrilled no matter who you are, no matter what you do with your life.
  2. Be mindful that the responses are for you alone, so you have everything to gain by reaching deep.
The Nine Questions to Connect You to Your True Desires and Purpose:
  1. What are you longing for most in life?
  2. When you’re at the end of life, what do you want to have accomplished?
  3. If you knew you had one year left to live, would there be anything you’d want to fix or clean up?
  4. What are you ready to let go of – habits, attitudes, obligations, beliefs, outdated goals, etc. – that are not serving you?
  5. What do you want to explore more deeply?
  6. What would make life feel ridiculously fun?
  7. What feels really nourishing in your life?
  8. Of all the things you’ve done or accomplished in your life, what has given you the deepest sense of fulfilment? When have you been most proud of yourself?
  9. Where do you find yourself not being fully “present” in your life, or not participating fully?
After you finish the journal, take in a lovely deep breath of life-giving oxygen and breathe out, leaving yourself to find a smile playing across your lips, your cheeks, and your eyes.
Coach’s Curiosity:
  • What question did you find easiest to answer?
  • What question was the most difficult?
  • What question/answer is standing out the most in your mind right now?
  • How do you feel after completing that one incredible task you just chose to gift yourself precious time to think about?

I often find that Q6 is the one people most often baulk at. I think it takes dropping back into what was fun or silly or something that makes you laugh in imagining it unfolding. Knowing no one will see what you wrote is another part.

For my own annual practice, and with each new coaching client, these nine questions are usually the set-up before moving on to Step 2 where we identify current core values (because they change); connect with our unique gifts, talents and strengths; and a simple life purpose statement for the year to come.

Is it time to reconnect to your true desires and purpose now that the world has dropped its forgiving ‘it’s Ok, because of Covid-19 times’ tone?

Can you feel the energy shifting and all we adults are getting back up again to shape out our small and big dreams?

I can take you through Step 2 and the ones that follow on from that so that you will be ready and clear-minded about your first baby steps to take towards your vision in no time at all, ready for 1 July that’s for certain!

Let’s talk! I am here to help you with all of that. It’s fun, it’s visionary, it doesn’t hurt, it’s forward-focused, and it’s all about you and what’s most important to you.

Click here to go to my calendar and choose a time to suit you.

Ps. if the calendar doesn’t have a time to suit you, as soon as you wish, please email me and we’ll find a space. I can always move things around.

Start seeing yourself as the magical creator you are! Create some space for what’s most important for you today!

Take care,


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