The Empowerment Dynamic

If you limit your choices only to what SEEMS possible or reasonable, you DISCONNECT yourself from what you TRULY WANT and all that is left is COMPROMISE - Robert Fritz quote

I’m wrapped in the work of David Emerald in understanding the machinations of the empowerment dynamic (TED) or inverted drama triangle. TED = the empowered roles we play in life (challenger, creator, coach) which is the alternative to living in the dreaded drama triangle – roles being persecutor, victim, rescuer.

You cannot invest your soul in a compromise.

There is no win/win in the latter, just win/lose or lose/lose.

Everyone can win – it’s all a matter of the choices we make day in and day out.

You can choose to be the creator of your best life, accept challenges as the arise and make a first proactive choice, act on it, then another choice and act on that, then lots of better choices.

Life Coaching is all about exploring your reality and possibility thinking out all the choices available to you.

The alternative to possibility thinking is playing small and compromising.

Even writing the word I can feel my soul wouldn’t high-5 me on that. I know it, you know it, every single soul knows it 💯 don’t we 🤗