Hello, I’m Susan Dunlop, professionally trained and certified Life Coach, Business Coach, Mentor and Trainer. I am a Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH).

Susan Dunlop Life Coach

I partner, as the coach, mentor and trainer, of women, of any age. Women who have the desire to fulfil the highest, most honest expression of themselves in both their personal and professional lives.

Women who are all about making new, bigger, better choices. Choices that lift themselves up, their family up, and create a ripple effect that touches and benefits the people around them.

Proudly a member of the International Coaching Federation

As an ICF Member, my practice is founded on integrity, excellence, collaboration and respect. I draw on my rich tapestry of skills and experience; creativity and resourcefulness; tools and methods in all that I do. In agreement with each client, we shape a program specific to meet their needs and their timeline in creating the outcomes they truly desire.

As your coach, I will support you to:

  • attain peace and clarity;
  • develop a mindset of capability;
  • discover more time and energy;
  • find and take back your power;
  • re-claim leadership and your full potential; and
  • experience a sense of alignment with your own values.
'Don't ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." - H Thurman
Susan Dunlop Coaching the ripple effect of coaching

Every woman I’ve had come to me for coaching, has made massive positive change for herself through self-discovery, exploring her biggest dreams and acting on powerful desired outcomes for now and her lifetime.

They each create a ripple effect for a better world – taking their learnings and living them – to their benefit and those important to them.  They inspire those they love, their wider family, and also those they work with and serve through business and in their community.

The most exciting thing I witness as a coach, is every woman opening up to connect with her true desires and purpose; visualising and capturing her dreams on paper; aligning her most important desired outcomes with her unique values, gifts and purpose; and creating a map to bring her dreams to fruition.

All it takes is one baby step forward at a time.

‘I highly recommend Susan Dunlop for both personal and business coaching!”

I engaged Susan Dunlop for a 3-month business coaching package earlier on this year and since then she has made an incredible impact on me and my business. She has been the light I needed to help me discover where I want to be in business and guided me in the right direction. She’s generously given me so many useful resources, advice and time, which I cannot put a price on. She asks the right questions and so clearly listens to everything I say because she recalls details about our conversations from weeks ago, which I highly value. We focused on personal coaching as well, which has complemented the business coaching work we have done.’ – Katie Wass, Creative & Founder – Rise & Roar Design


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I would be honoured to work with you,

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