When you become my coaching client, I commit to helping you in every aspect of your personal life.
Personal Life Coaching that is focused on connecting you to your true desires and purpose across 6 key areas of your life, being:
  • Physical Wellness
  • Psychological and Spiritual Health
  • Creation, Exploration and Play
  • Community Connection
  • Livelihood, Career and Influence
  • Relationships and Family

so that you can live more intentionally, more mindfully and create space for what’s most important to you in life.

Susan Dunlop Coaching Blog
The following 30 benefits are what I have found come from having a professionally trained, experienced personal life coach as your trusted ally.
I’m sharing these from 2 perspectives: (1) having had my own coach; and (2) as a professionally-trained, experienced, coach myself.
If I were to short-list a Top 5 or 10, for each individual person, what that short-list will look like, is quite different to the next person.

As you read through this list, which 5-10 would you desire most from engaging a personal life coach to work by your side?

1. Improved self-confidence.

2. A different perspective.

3. Heightened self-awareness.

4. Create a balanced life.

5. Foster better relationships.

6. Achieve desired outcomes or goals.

7. Find happiness.

8. Discover clarity of purpose.

9. Do what you love.

10. Follow through on commitments.

11. Discover your best self.

12. Determine your strengths and weaknesses.

13. Be open-minded.

14. Unlock potential.

15. Improve communication.

16. Manage time and productivity.

17. Eliminate negative thoughts.

18. Overcome your fears.

19. Unearth creativity.

20. Provide a different outlook on life.

21. Eliminate bad habits.

22. Be aware of your values.

23. Alignment of strengths with decisions.

24. Stay motivated: one of the most sought after benefits of life coaching.

25. Better decision making.

26. Show empathy.

27. Show more appreciation.

28. Improve physical well-being.

29. Reduce stress.

30. Decrease anxiety.

Coaching Packages

If the package or program you desire is not listed below, for instance, you are seeking both smart business coaching and personal life coaching; or personal life coaching and hypnosis; please just ask.
Prices shown are current for today.
The price of the first session (currently $90) is a discounted rate. That cost will be deducted from the price of any full-price package at the time of selecting which package suits you best.

(1) Two (2) choices of Personal Life Coaching Packages shaped to suit your unique needs and desired outcomes

Outside of these two (2) Coaching Packages, I offer a variety of Private Small Group Workshops and also incorporate Hypnosis where it will be beneficial.

Coaching with me is personalised to suit every individual I coach. Personal life coaching or smart business coaching alone or both; possibly combined with mentoring and/or training for you and for your work team.

Make up your program with me in whatever mix suits your needs.

Here’s to loving the life you live and leading a business you love.


Coaching with me:

  • is non-judgmental, confidential and forward-focused.
  • is in alignment with the code of ethics and standards of the International Coaching Federation.
  • is for people who know that having an accountability partner will make all the difference between settling for WHAT IS and BECOMING THE HERO OF YOUR OWN LIFE!