As a coach, mentor and trainer, I partner with women, of all ages, who have the desire to fulfil the highest, most honest expression of themselves in both their personal and professional lives. Women who are all about making new, bigger, better choices. Choices that lift themselves up, their family up, and create a ripple effect that touches and benefits the people around them.

One of my favourite quotes that makes me smile and get on with my day, is by Howard Thurman, who said: “Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

As an ICF Member, my practice is founded on integrity, excellence, collaboration and respect. I draw on my rich tapestry of skills and experience; creativity and resourcefulness; tools and methods in all that I do. In agreement with each client, we shape out a program specific to meet their needs and their timeline in creating the outcomes they truly desire.

Susan Dunlop, Professional Coach ICF NLP

It is my belief that any woman coming to coaching, actively choosing to be coached, is not just choosing to MAKE change, they are choosing to BE the change.
A woman choosing to invest the time in being coached knows that there is a bigger picture, and a better way.
Only you can make the choice to be coached.

I honour every woman I coach as being creative, resourceful and whole.

To me, coaching is about two smart women (the coach and coachee) working together to explore a woman’s dreams, crafting a map to get there, setting up daily success habits, and take the big and small actions to make the dreams a reality.

  1. I create a non-judgmental and confidential one-on-one safe environment for my clients to share ideas, acknowledge the past and celebrate the achievements which have got them this far.
  2. I safely lead a process for my clients to be listened to and heard. To capture the smallest to largest dreams for business and life and develop strategies to get them there.
  3. I enable my clients to step beyond limiting beliefs to a life that is not only successful but vibrant, joyful and fulfilling.
  4. I empower my clients to see the amazing beings they are and to live their unique purpose on this earth.
  5. I support my clients in their ability to take the action needed, not just talk about it.

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I would be honoured to work with you,

Susan Dunlop
Professional Coach ICF NLP

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