Hello, I am Susan Dunlop

The Business Woman

  1. Award-winning, CEO, entrepreneur, business leader, company director and voluntary director on not-for-profit boards.
  2. Certified Professional Life Coach ICF NLP and Member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). 3 Vital Questions® Certified Trainer. Certified Hypnotherapist and member of the American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH) and in Therapeutic Art for Life Coaches. Graduate Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Member of the Noosa Chamber of Commerce and the Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network.
  3. I have experienced the highs and lows of growing a company from the kitchen table to the boardroom and selling to a large corporate and all that entailed.
  4. I oversee the business things that don’t involve dirt, bugs and snakes, for my husband’s horticultural service, EARTH Garden Work in Noosa.
  5. A Podcaster hosting Coffee and Contemplation with Susan on Spotify and Apple Podcast via anchor.fm.
  6. Public Speaker – sharing my stories of life, business, resilience, determination, failures, personal growth and real success.
  7. My LinkedIn profile details my career and business experience, awards won, recommendations, roles, businesses and education if you’d like to have a look.

The Community Contributor

  1. Speaker and Writer – I’m excited to share that my memoir, in its full draft, is now in the hands of the editor. Let the next steps unfold!! Once launched, I’ll be talking broadly on the cultural and societal taboo of childhood sexual abuse. My hope is to offer solace to those who have been abused, and remind them that they are not alone in their traumatic experiences and that recovery is possible. In my coaching, I support adult survivors of abuse, if that was part of your earlier life experience as well. I offer a safe space for you in your coaching with me.
  2. Team leader of Chicks with Kicks Brisbane Coastrek Team 2019. In 2019 our team of 4 women trekked 30 km on Friday 26 July, to raise funds for Fred Hollows Foundation work in restoring sight to the needlessly blind.

The Magic Maker

  1. I’m the daughter of an ageing mother, and have grieved the loss of my father, too early to metastatic melanoma.
  2. Mother of three intelligent, creative, beautiful young women (30, 27 and 24). I understand the challenges and joys of children gaining independence, travelling alone overseas, dating, getting married, the empty nest and young adults returning home to live.
  3. Married, celebrating my 35th wedding anniversary to the love of my life this year. I am honest and open about “the mountains, rivers and valleys” we’ve traversed to keep our marriage alive.
  4. I’m the creator of magic moments for my family and friends and live with the belief that we create our own experience of life.
  5. Whilst daily drama plays a part in many people’s lives, my own life’s lessons, resilience and personal growth, have led me to choose instead to see life as it is, not worse than it is, and make it better by taking action.

Personal Growth

  1. I know what it’s like to experience periods of low self-esteem, self-blame, self-worth and lost self-confidence and the work involved to over-come all of these.
  2. I believe in being vulnerable and open and fully showing up for life. There is no dress rehearsal.
  3. Very grateful of the benefits I experience from choosing to ask for help rather than figure things out by myself. Now surrounded by a peer community of fellow trainers, mentors and coaches who co-create and challenge me to be my truest self.

My life goals come to fruition!

  1. We do live simply in our uncluttered and quirky 1940’s house in a quiet riverside town. 
  2. Rather than eat out, I enjoy cooking and have a passion for creating mediterranean, Persian, Indian, healthy, vegetarian inspired meals with love.
  3. The sale of my company and taking a gap year to travel the ‘wonders of the world’ in 2017. My top 3 wonders were: seeing the Northern Lights in Norway and Iceland (that’s 2 I know); Hot Air Ballooning at dawn over Cappadocia, Turkey and 6 weeks island-hopping in Greece.
  4. Meeting and learning from incredible people on my life’s journey in business and beyond.
  5. I spend time studying things that light me up. I am loving being me, in all the roles I play!
  6. To create mosaic masterpieces with friends, holding messy workshop gatherings at each others’ homes, over a pot of tea or a good coffee.

So that’s just a little about me, with the idea that it might help you see that I am someone you would like to have on your side as your coach, trainer and/or mentor.

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I would be honoured to work with you,

Susan Dunlop

Professional Coach ICF NLP; Member of the ICF and ABH

3 Vital Questions® Certified Trainer