Would you rather do business the smart way or the hard way?

I learnt on my own uphill journey into owning a business, which I started at the dining room table in Noosa, that I could do it the hard way, or do it smarter, and get where I wanted to sooner.

The question was, how could I find time to put all that I needed to in place for the business when I was flat-stick busy working on getting a foothold in the industry, let alone becoming sustainable, successful and feel fulfilled at the same time?

I surrounded myself with experts! I chose to ASK FOR HELP!

One decision that I truly benefited from the most, was in hiring myself a coach.

I intuitively knew that I needed a coach who had survived the rollercoaster ride of owning a business herself and was skilled in both business and personal coaching. Because to me, when I owned that business I was more than one title, one role. I got to show up in many roles, every minute, day and night of the year.

To me, being a business owner is like riding along an uphill path, on a two-wheeled bike.

There you are, you’re riding along, on your comfortable 2-wheeler bike you chose for yourself, looking up the hill with some sort of idea and excitement over where you’re headed and maybe already what the end of the journey might turn out like.

One wheel of your bike, well, that’s your personal wheel of life and the other wheel is your business or professional wheel of life.

In the ideal world, both of those wheels need to be spinning, tyres pumped full, they’re in alignment, and synchronised well together. Because if they’re not, one will surely become a burden, create a drag, and eventually let the other wheel down, let alone the rider!

Hopefully, the repair kit is handy, so as not to be left so long, that it’ll cause a crash in the form of health or relationship issues, stress, burnout, or an unwanted surprise in your business.

No business owner wants that!

Our personal life will be impacted by what’s occurring in our business; and how we operate our business will be impacted by what is playing out in our personal life, plus so much more.

Having a coach by my side through some of the biggest years of growth and challenges that my business ever went through, was a godsend!

Now, I’m a businesswoman and professionally trained personal and professional coach; supporting other people, in my role as both a coach and trainer. I bring to the table 17 years’ experience of business leadership, certifications, investment in personal and professional growth, life experience.

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I look forward to being of service to you,

Susan Dunlop

Professional Coach ICF NLP

3 Vital Questions® Certified Trainer