Susan Dunlop

Ask for help!

Do business the smart way

I learnt on my own journey into owning a business, which I started at the dining room table in Noosa, that I could do it the hard way, or do it smarter, and get where I wanted to sooner.

The question was, how could I find time to put all I needed to in place for the business when I was flat-stick busy working on getting a foothold in the industry, let alone becoming sustainable, successful and feel fulfilled at the same time?

I surrounded myself with experts! I chose to ASK FOR HELP!

Hiring a coach was the best decision I made

I intuitively knew that I needed a coach who had survived the rollercoaster ride of owning a business herself and was skilled in both business and personal coaching. Because to me, when I owned that business I was more than one title, one role. I got to show up in many roles, every minute, day and night of the year.

To me, being a business owner is like riding along an uphill path, on a two-wheeler bike.

There you are, you’re riding along, on your comfortable 2-wheeler bike you chose for yourself, looking up the hill with some sort of idea and excitement over where you’re headed and maybe already what the end of the journey might turn out like.

One wheel of your bike is your personal wheel of life and the other wheel is your business or professional wheel of life.

In a balanced world, both wheels need to be spinning in alignment, and synchronised. If they’re not, one will surely become a burden and eventually let the other wheel down and the rider!

Hopefully, the repair kit is handy and there is no crash in the form of health or relationship issues, stress, burnout, or an unwanted surprise in your business.

Having a coach by your side through some of the biggest years of growth and challenges will impact greatly!

– Susan Dunlop

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Now, I’m a businesswoman and professionally trained personal and professional coach; supporting other people, in my role as both a coach and trainer. I bring to the table 17 years’ experience of business leadership, certifications, investment in personal and professional growth, life experience.


I have had the privilege of working with Sue for many years. Her knowledge and professionalism is second to none. She has an amazing way of making holistic, personal connections in such a respectful manner. I would highly recommend Sue, she is an exceptional coach, mentor, leader and entrepreneur.

Rae Richardson healthcare consultant, formerly Director of Nursing, Buderim Private Hospital

I had the absolute pleasure to be led by Susan in my time at the (NSW Business) Chamber. Susan taught me a lot about the business & myself! Susan is a true mentor/leader & one of the smartest business women I know. An honour to have worked with her.

Nicola Collins Gold Coast

I am fortunate enough to have been mentored by Susan for many years. In the time that we have known each other she has made an invaluable contribution to my life. Susan has an innate understanding of people which proves to motivate confidence, change and resilience. I was so pleased to hear she was starting her own coaching business. I can’t think of a better person to partner with to achieve your personal and professional goals. Susan walks the talk. She lives a full and authentic life. Her passion and vulnerability are her greatest strengths and will be such a beacon for her many clients.

Bernadette Haigh Founder, Nature Kids, Sydney


    I am bound by a Code of Ethics by the lead industry body, the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and I am professionally trained to help you maximise your full potential and reach your desired results. I formalised my many years of business experience with professional coach certification at the Life Coaching Academy in 2017. The course of study I chose to undertake is 1 of only 2 Australian life coaching certifications recognised by the International Coaching Federation.

    Professional Coach International Coaching Federation (ICF) NLP; Member of the ICF and American Board of Hypnotherapy (ABH); 3 Vital Questions® Certified Trainer and Certified Hypnotherapist