Spring + Vision = Re-inspired

Spring 2021 for me is about re-inspiring my own self to step up with energy,  belief and clear plans in place. That way, when the world does reopen, and masks become a thing of the past, I will be working and travelling as freely as we could do, before 2020.
Working and travelling, at the same time in my case, is the vision. That most definitely does make me feel inspired to fine tune my plans to make it a reality.
Do it your way

It begins with reflection on some of the most wondrous moments I made happen since taking a leap of faith, exiting my successful company, and leaving all the trappings that went with it behind. The leap of faith to see who I was beyond hearing the words: sue@rnsnursing.

I’ll be sharing these stories via my www.susandunlop.com.au/blog each fortnight throughout the season of Spring 2021. 

Little snippets of stories, how we got there, how what we did witness in wonder had originally made it onto the Susan & Tom Take A Gap Year tour. That year was a gift which I’m even more grateful for, than ever before. That we got to meander wherever we chose, that seems so unreal now.

Covid-19 and all its impacts aside, visioning or vision boards haven’t gone out of fashion. You can still have a plan, a dream, an inspired wanting to go see, do, try, have or be whatever you desire.

That’s where the Gap Year tour was started. A vision board or, actually it was a vision board that put together as the end result of very open-minded, free-flowing brainstorming I did with my own coach years before.

Everything on my vision boards I created each year did come about.

Sometimes not in the year I’d planned but life wove them in for me somehow or other. I’ve a new vision board right now, and interestingly, it’s much more about being me rather than me doing or me having. I’m happy with that and I’m enjoying the peaceful way it’s coming about..

Popping in a Springtime offer for you to think about:

If you’d like to have a ‘dream your biggest dream’ inspired private coaching session, it’d be approximately 90 minutes. We do it via Zoom. Cost is AUD$149 during Spring (valued at $285). I’ll guide the session, and we can record it and I’ll forward you the audio. Otherwise, I will capture all your dreams and ideas onto a worksheet which will be emailed to you afterwards. 

Let wondrous moments become your reality.

Wonders and wondering are powerful in all that they bring into your life. Much better than just a thought swirling through your mind every so often. It’s hard for the thoughts and dreams to stay swirling and fresh in this current world we are in.

Getting it onto paper makes it much more likely that you will see it happen plus it will make you smile seeing it out of your head and heart on paper too.

The first blog share will be about the Whirling Dervishes Ceremony at historical Caravanserai, built in 1249, Saruhan, Cappadocia, Turkey.

From there, random worthwhile stories about the highlights of our bucket list items, towns, cities and countries we travelled to: I know we counted on all our fingers and toes one afternoon on a train across Greece, that we’d checked into 40+ beds along the way, and we weren’t finished at that stage! Many colourful and different locations between October 2016 and August 2017.

I did save the destinations onto a Pinterest board, if you’re looking to create a vision board using Pinterest: it’s link is here: https://www.pinterest.com.au/susandunlopcoaching/when-susan-and-tom-took-a-gap-year-2017/

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