Business Planning in Noosa – get away from the daily grind

Have you considered strategically retreating to work on your business’ future?

How would you love to do that in iconic Noosa?


If you haven’t experienced a Strategic Retreat for your growing business before, it is a best practice step-away from business, focused ON business.

Gather the key people in your business, whether that be yourself and significant other; or heads of departments of your growing business.

Come to Noosa for a 2-day+ business retreat away from the maddening crowd, or at least away from the hustle and bustle of your daily business.

Strategic Retreats are an excellent opportunity for:

  • clarifying or reaffirming your business’ strategy,
  • check in on your business’ strengths and weaknesses,
  • brainstorm opportunities and threats,
  • set the top objectives for the coming year;
  • get buy-in from your team and allocate responsibilities; and
  • nurture teamwork and improve accountability and transparency.

In my early days of growing my own business, our first retreats were as few as myself, my non-executive directors (NED), husband, Tom and Advisory Board NED, Duncan Schultz. As we grew the business, I invited division managers and team leaders to the retreat, and the company and team benefited from the focused time together.

Susan sharing some examples of venues and structure: “Even though our business operated local to Noosa, our favourite Strategic Retreat was at Noosa Springs. We held them there for 2 years of our planning. They were the years we invited all the heads of departments along for their first time to contribute to the strategic plan. Those 2 years were in the lead up to the business’ acquisition. I liked that it was so quiet there, the meeting space was generous, we had accommodation for regional managers, the spa, tennis courts, restaurant… loads of good reasons. Another year, quite early on in the business’ growth phase, we booked the top floor of 23 Hasting Street, a 3-bedroom apartment overlooking Noosa Beach. Since then, I’ve found all kinds of other mixtures of accommodation, meeting spaces, dining venues and outdoor spaces, depending on the size of the team and also the business’ budget. The retreats generally incorporate some play, team building, movement – the best work isn’t done sitting around a boardroom table! Lots of changes to structure, so that there’s no settling or zoning out – everyone contributes. Plus room for laughter/learning outdoors. Either the first night or the middle night, we’d generally recommend one early dinner altogether. All in the spirit of getting people to see the business differently, think differently, contribute ideas that they’d maybe not have thought to before.”

The point is you need to stop, to reflect, to measure, and more… ready to decide the next course of action.

The best place to do that kind of reflection and thinking is away from the distractions of every day business.

The best place is to do it someplace where you can think differently.

Strategically Retreating in Noosa would have to be:

  • the No. 1, best choice,
  • the most beautiful location,
  • for a tax-deductible 2-days away.

A Strategic Retreat will let you see your business in a different light; at the same time as getting much needed rest and play.

Strategic Retreats serve business leaders to get re-focused for the coming year or quarter.

Services include:

Prep Work, Agendas, Logistics, Team Building Activities, Retreat Content, Format, Exercises, Topic Presenters, Facilitation. I will help you with as much or as little as you need.

How does it work?

Easy First Step Today: Book a time to discuss the planned Strategic Retreat here in Noosa, using the Schedule Appointment button below and I’ll be in touch at the time chosen.

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